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Kuwait imposes one-year ban on export of used cooking oil to foster biofuel industry
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Country advances environment-friendly biofuel initiative with strategic ban


26/11/2023 (Gulf News), Dubai - The Kuwaiti Ministry of Trade and Industry, in coordination with the Minister of State for Youth Affairs, has announced Ministerial Resolution No. (172) of 2023, introducing a one-year ban on the export of used cooking oil and its waste from Kuwait.


Under the resolution, the sale of used cooking oil or its waste is restricted to individuals or entities that have obtained the necessary licenses from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the Environment Public Authority, and the Public Authority for Industry.


Additionally, those engaged in the sale and handling of this waste must operate from locations officially licensed by the relevant authorities.


To ensure transparency and efficiency, the resolution mandates that all financial transactions related to the sale of used cooking oil or its waste must be conducted through electronic payment methods. This modern approach is intended to streamline processes within the industry.


The explanatory memorandum accompanying the resolution highlights the significance of the decision for Kuwait’s economy and environmental sustainability. By converting used cooking oil waste into biofuel, Kuwait aims to develop self-sufficient products, diversify its income sources, and embrace modern technology. The initiative aligns with the country’s focus on sustainable development and energy security. The funding for this transformative project is expected to come from the National Fund for Small Enterprises.