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Malaysia’s palm oil stocks fell 10.54 pct in April
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10.05.2023 (The Sun Daily) - KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia’s total palm oil stocks fell 10.54 per cent to 1.50 million tonnes in March from 1.67 million tonnes in the previous month.

The Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB), in its industry performance report for April 2023, said that crude palm oil (CPO) stocks decreased by 6.53 per cent to 833,677 tonnes in April from 891,961 tonnes in March.

Processed palm oil stocks declined 15.11 per cent to 782,061 tonnes from 663,858 tonnes previously.

CPO production also shrank 7.13 per cent to 1.20 million tonnes in April from 1.29 million tonnes in March, while palm kernel output went down 9.36 per cent to 293,454 tonnes from 323,743 tonnes.

“Palm oil exports decreased by 27.78 per cent in April to 1.07 million tonnes from 1.49 million tonnes in March while oleo-chemical exports fell 15.22 per cent to 221,484 tonnes,“ it said.

MPOB said biodiesel exports in April dropped 86.79 per cent to 4,242 tonnes from the preceding month’s 32,127 tonnes, while exports of palm kernel cake eased 11.93 per cent to 170,772.

However, palm kernel oil exports rose 4.91 per cent in April to 88,447 tonnes from 84,307 tonnes in March.

There were no CPO imports in April compared to 5,895 tonnes in March, while total palm oil imports decreased 15.32 per cent compared with the preceding month’s 33,678 tonnes.- Bernama